Victoria Cass lectures and writes on Chinese culture of the traditional periods, having taught Chinese language and literature at the University of Colorado Boulder, the University of Minnesota and the University of California Berkeley. She specializes in the areas of religion and myth, storytelling and popular culture, and women's history of China. Her book Dangerous Women, Warriors, Grannies and Geishas of the Ming was published in 1999. In the Realm of the Gods, Lands, Myths, and Legends of China was published in 2008. Victoria Cass has studied and worked in China since 1963, when she first studied Mandarin Chinese at the Mandarin Language Institute and lived with a Chinese family. Since then she has completed additional language studies, graduate work, research projects and employment in China. She received her Masters in Far Eastern Languages and Literatures from Yale University and her Doctorate from the University of California, Berkeley. She may be contacted at

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In The Realm
Of The Gods

Lands, Myths, and Legends of China

Dangerous Women
Warriors, Grannies, and Geishas of the Ming

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Strange Tales from
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By Songling Pu

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